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It's Time for CAMP!

It's Time for CAMP!

GSM is headed to camp at East Texas Baptist University on June 26-30! Once again, we are going to Camp Generate. This year's theme for camp is "Lost & Found". 

To be lost is to be unsettled. Disoriented. Uncertain. There are few things more frustrating than knowing there is a destination out there for you but not being able to reach it. But when you discover your way, there is a flood of relief. You exhale, knowing that you are safe. You have arrived. You are no longer lost. Youʼre found.


The Gospel is God going on record as being one who finds. He is a searching God. Through the cross, He reached into the darkness of sin and shined a light that leads the lost safely home. Through Jesus, the lost are found.


Lost and Found will help us see that we experience separation from God because of our sin. But the fantastic news is that our Father stands ready to extend forgiveness and welcome home the lost. But it doesn't stop there. We will learn that as Christ-followers, our identity is found in the freedom that comes through surrendering to God and His ways. And finally, they'll learn that we were designed for healthy community with other believers who reach out to the lost and celebrate when they come home.


At GENERATE 2023 we will experience that God means for us to be found. It is His great desire. Lost and Found will help students understand this. Once they do, their lives will never be the same. Sign-up Today!


WHAT DOES THE $350 PRICE PER PERSON COVER? Lodging, yummy meals in the cafeteria, Bible study, personal devotions, all large group gatherings with great leaders, all programming, a camp magazine, a t-shirt, a great time, and maybe world peace.

WHAT EXACTLY IS GENERATE? At GENERATE our team will work hard to serve you and your needs well while creating an experience that will impact the other 51-weeks in your ministry year. We are strategic and intentional to create experiences where the name of Jesus is lifted up, where the Gospel is proclaimed through the preaching and studying of the Word, and where not only are students encouraged to take the next step in their faith journey, but the challenge and opportunity to be a person of global impact is clear. These experiences happen in times of personal devotion, in small group times of reading, listening and responding, in group building and serving, in times of corporate worship, and in strategic times with your church. In the end, a camp can’t really change a life, but a real experience with God can. We don’t want to simply create moments. We want to partner with you and be a part of moments that matter through the work of God.

WHAT ARE THE DATES AND TIMES? We are leaving on Monday, June 26 at 8 a.m. and returning on Friday, June 30 around 2:30 p.m.

IS THERE A CAMP STORE? DO WE NEED EXTRA SPENDING MONEY? There will be resources and camp products available throughout the week, plus opportunities to get snacks during your time at camp. We will also be stopping for lunch on the way to and from camp. Students will need to bring money for those two stops as well. Monopoly money is not accepted.

WHERE IS EAST TEXAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY? ETBU is located in Marshall, TX. The physical address is: One Tiger Dr, Marshall, TX 75670

WILL THERE BE ANY FUNDRAISING? Yes! Last year, we were able to raise enough money to be able to send every student, who contributed to the fundraiser, to camp paying only the initial deposit. Stay tuned. We will have some opportunities to raise camp funds a little closer to camp.

WHAT FREE TIME OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE AT CAMP? -A Swimming Pool -Auditions for The Get Down (a camp-wide themed evening party and talent show) -Improv Worship with the Actors -3×3 Basketball Tournament -Volleyball Tournament -Games with Bumper Balls -Q&A with the Camp Communicator and Worship Leader -A Movie Screening -Ultimate Frisbee -Corn Hole Tournament and Various Lawn Games

IS THERE A DRESS CODE? Of course. We ask for there to only be one-piece bathing suits at camp or a dark-colored t-shirt over a two-piece. Avoid short shorts (including guys showing off the bro thighs), spaghetti strap shirts, or really anything that will be a distraction to those around you. We honor God with how we dress. Be cool, but don’t be a fool! If needed, help a brother or sister out.

WHAT PROTOCOLS ARE IN PLACE DUE TO COVID-19? As part of our GENERATE StaySafe focus, we have continued to monitor the impact of COVID-19 and related safety protocols. We know this is also a priority for you as a leader. It should also be noted, that with locations in various states throughout the country there will be a baseline of safety protocols at GENERATE this summer and potentially some expanded focuses in certain areas in line with local health guidelines. In any public environment, there is an inherent risk to COVID-19 exposure, but our goal is to keep all participants as safe as possible. Guidelines will include, but are not limited to: Pre-Attendance education for campers, leaders, and staff. Expanded training focus with staff, including preventative best practices related to health and safety, clear protocols related to guests with symptoms or exposure. Expanded pre-camp and day 1 screening for campers including health checklist, temp checks, and guardian sign-off. Basic daily checklist and temp checks for all guests while at GENERATE. Expanded “sanitation stations” for guests including hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, extra face masks. Hygiene and safety reminders during the experience through signage around campus, on main screens, and from the stage. Mask or face covering guidelines (where/when required).

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