Lock-in Summer22

GSM is headed to camp at Louisiana Tech University on June 13-17! This is a new camp for us as we are doing Camp Generate. This year's theme for camp is "So Much More". We are made for more than the mundane and mediocre. 

But as humans, we can, at times, become nearsighted in our view of God. We are consumed by what is right in front of us, and we forget that there is a God who is eternal. Our world is only as big as conversations happening on the screen in our hands, and we lose sight of God's plan for us and the world, a sweeping arc that cuts through time and space. Our future shrinks down to the next most pressing decision, and we miss the “waymore-than-we-could-possibly-imagine” future God has for us. Our routines hold us captive, and we go through life on “repeat,” unaware of the impossibly HUGE power that dwells within us.

At GENERATE 2022 students will be introduced to the God who is at once massive in scale and intimately personal. Your students will be captured by the grandeur of God and His love for them and motivated by His perfect plan for their lives.

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